About Spencer


Spencer is passionate about assisting in distressed areas around the world. He has taught in Sierra Leone, the Dheisheh refugee camp in the West Bank, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Haiti. Having travelled extensively throughout many other regions including Europe, The Middle East, Central and South America, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya. Sekyer enjoys assisting those around him. His love of animals led him on an arduous task of rescuing a stray abandoned street dog in the streets of Kabul & her pups which included him & his wife successfully summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro before bringing the dogs back to his native Canada where all of the dogs were adopted. Spencer was also assisting KOARP in Kurdistan in the region where ISIS flourishes and stumbled across a baby chimpanzee, Manno who he began to care for. These adventures are chronicled in an upcoming book Simon and Schuster book ‘Saving Manno’.

Spencer Sekyer -

I am working with street kids & orphans in Kabul although they have offices throughout Aghanistan & are helping 5000 children I am in Kabul. There are 60 000 orphans in Kabul alone They are a very organized group

Spencer Sekyer was born and raised in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada. He is an adventurer, philanthropist and educator who obtained his Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Education degrees in 1991 and 1992 respectively at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Sekyer started his career as a junior hockey player with the ‘Dawson Creek Kodiaks’  in 1984 and the ‘Dawson Creek Capitals’ in 1985 Sekyer’s primary role with his teams was to be an enforcer . Also a standout high school football player, Sekyer played four seasons as a linebacker for the University of Alberta Golden Bears 1987-1991. He is also a former radio statistician for the Anaheim Ducks and supplemented his income as a bouncer for many years. He enjoys hockey, American football, weight lifting, yoga, fitness, and martial arts. Along with his wife Dr. Christie Macdonald Sekyer a chiropractor, and their brand new son Anders and faithful Alaskan Malamute dog, Tux, they enjoy spending their spare time travelling, riding their motorcycles and pursuing outdoor activities around their acreage in Sherwood Park, Canada where they produce their own honey.