Climbing Kilimanjaro for the NOWZAD 7

Climbing Kilimanjaro for the NOWZAD 7

Some of you may remember while I was in Afghanistan last summer, a street dog had puppies outside of my guest house in Kabul. I fed Mom & her puppies & eventually took them in to get their shots & flea medication and to tried to save them.

The school that I was teaching at was kind enough to allow me to keep the pups there for a short time. An interesting side note & incredible Mother story, my guest house was some distance form the school. I took the puppies from the gutter to the vet then to the school without ever passing by the guesthouse. A short time later I heard crying from outside the walls of the compound & it was Mom! She had found us!

I eventually found good homes for some of puppies, & the day before I came back to Canada a wonderful lady took the remaining dogs in so I would not have to put them back to the streets.

Since then NOWZAD has taken over the care of the dogs and they are all doing really well. One of them even found himself a new family in the UK and is currently in quarantine with the best friend he also found!

Now it is time to get the rest of the dogs back to Canada and into loving homes and I need your help. There are 7 dogs in total, they are all white, mom had her ears cut off, sister has some brown patches and Suzy Q has one eye bigger than the other but their quirky appearance just makes them more special!

Please help me to raise the funding to get these lovely dogs home! Christie & I have committed to Climb Kilimanjaro for the NOWZAD 7! We are leaving Friday. Any one willing to sponsor this endeavour can assist these girls & make donations at

Thanks so much for your support everyone


After the completion of this adoption, as happy as I was for the animals I felt a bit of a void, in that I no longer have to worry about the babies & Mom & rush out to feed them. The staff of Aschiana was incredibly patient with me brining a dog that are creatures seen more as pests & parasites in Afghanistan with many people kicking them or throwing rocks at them at any opportunity.


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